Saw II

Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood Saw II

When the corpse of a young man is found and a piece of flesh in the form of a jigsaw is missing on his shoulder, Detective Matthews (Donnie Wahlberg) soon realizes that an infamous psychopathic serial killer (Tobin Bell) is about to play his game one more time. When hidden evidence points to the killer’s lair, a race against time ensues. While detective Matthews and S.W.A.T teams try to locate and apprehend the sadistic psychopath, eight people (among them Matthew’s son) are breathing in a deadly nerve agent somewhere across town and become puppets in the Jigsaw’s sick game. Being told that there are several antidotes scattered around the house, the prisoners will have to solve vicious riddles and avoid deathtraps that have been set up by the killer. Once tension has built up between the eight strangers the fight for survival has begun, and obviously only the fittest will survive.

After last year’s sleeper-hit Saw, it was only a matter of time until the second installment would hit theaters but nobody expected it to be so soon. Nonetheless, we are not given the impression that this movie has been rushed since Saw II features a well thought-out script that tries to tamper with your mind. Just like its predecessor, Saw II is an at-the-edge-of-your-seat experience that requires a strong stomach and may even repel some cinema-goers. Like so many sequels before, this second installment tries to push the boundaries while upping the ante at absurdum. Saw II fortunately manages to stop just before the ridiculous. The gore level has of course been taken to a whole different level but leaves you disturbed rather than amused. The question is however, whether showing the most repelling things man is capable of, is a working concept in today’s culture and entertainment industry. That being said, Saw II is by no means a bad movie; it is actually a welcome change from the teeny-horror movies that had been unleashed in the 90’s. If you look closely, the movie might even teach some kind of lesson, you know, somewhere between all those limbs and brain matter.

Unfortunately, though, if you already saw Saw, you pretty much already saw Saw II and I am taking a wild guess here but I believe this is not the last time we saw the Jigsaw in Saw. (2 out of 4 buckets of the red stuff)

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