It’s a heck of a place to find yourself.

There are days in your life when everything seems to slip away. For Drew Baylor (Orlando Bloom) this is one of those days. When he gets sacked and publicly scrutinized for ruining a major American shoe label all on his own, he contemplates Elizabethtownstabbing himself to death by getting on a self-made death-machine (i.e. a home trainer sporting tempting looking knives). Fortunately enough a phone call from his sister, saying that their father has passed away, interrupts Drew’s suicide ritual and forces him to represent the family at his father’s funeral. Convinced to get back on that bike the moment he returns, he embarks on a journey that holds more in store for him than he could ever have imagined. His trip to Elizabethtown, Kentucky, along with the acquaintances he makes (e.g. Kirsten Dunst), becomes a self-finding, life-fulfilling expedition reminding him of the very things that make us human.

Cameron Crowe wrote and directed this slightly overlong picture that doesn’t really fit into a category. If, however, you are desperate to stick some kind of label to it, it probably might best be described as a take on the pitch-black dramatic romantic comedy. Unlike Crowe’s previous flicks though (e.g. Vanilla Sky starring the always cheerful couch-hopping Tom Cruise), Elizabethtown seems to be less ambitious but still works extremely well most of all due to an excellent script and praise-worthy performances by the actors. Orlando Bloom who was never really able to show his acting skills (in all fairness, how could you in an elf costume??) does a decent job to portray the young troubled suicidal gentleman and so does Kirsten Dunst as an overzealous stewardess (even though I fear that she might end up being type-casted over and over again). The bottom line is that this is an extremely entertaining piece featuring an overwhelmingly prominent soundtrack that makes you want to download, I mean buy it immediately.

Everyone gets lucky in Kentucky. (3 out of 4 partial cremations)

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One Response to Elizabethtown

  1. Thorben says:

    6/10, kee schlechten film mee awer net dat.
    Garden State ass ähnlech fannen ech vum obbau mee einfach en draam vun engem film.
    en ass deelweis awer rem ze amerikanesch, ze moralapostolesch…
    mee en wonnerbaren soundtrack…

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