Underworld: Evolution

Underworld: EvolutionHundreds of years ago Alexander Corvinus (Derek Jacobi) gave ‘birth’ to twin brothers, Marcus (Tony Curran) the very first vampire and his nemesis William the very first lycan (a werewolf-like creature). Over the centuries a terrible war has raged between vampires and lycans with no end in sight. Underworld: Evolution immediately picks up where the original left us a couple of years ago. Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is hunted down by Marcus who is on a quest to free his imprisoned brother and create the ultimate race. Since Selene’s family has built Marcus’s prison but also has been killed by treacherous vampire Victor in part one, Selene is the last one to know Marcus’s whereabouts. In the end, it all comes down to the inevitable and rather gory showdown that already prepares the way for the franchise’s third (and final?) installment.

2003’s sleeper hit Underworld had everything Gothic fans could wish for. This second chapter is very similar in tone but even though the budget seems to have been bigger this time around it didn’t work in favor for the plot nor the acting. Kate Beckinsale (who by the way was nominated sixth most boring person in her college) still does an okay job and director Len Wiseman (who’s also Beckinsale’s hubby) makes sure that she looks absolutely stunning in each frame, but it is above all the supporting cast’s performances which have too much in common with a fifth-grade school play. However, this kind of movie is usually not rated in terms of its acting but rather in terms of its action, suspense and gore. Now even tough the latter comes in gallons and action-fans will be served their share of guts, bullets and slow-mo, the slaying of lycans, über-vampires &co. becomes really repetitive and predictable. And then there is the annoying use of computer animated blood and the tiring unoriginality of the battle and death scenes. If you thought that the bodacious Beckinsale kicking ass in a little shiny black jumpsuit and a sex scene would be enough to make this an instant classic, think again.
P.S. Be reassured, we won’t judge you if you see the movie nonetheless. (1.5 out of 4 bloodsuckers)

Underworld: Evolution is rated R for virtually enhanced blood and gore, medically enhanced boobs and fucks (that is as an utterance as well as an action).

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