Lucky Number Slevin

Wrong Time. Wrong Place. Wrong Number.

Walk The LineWhen Slevin (Josh Hartnett) arrives in New York to visit his friend Nick, he only finds an empty apartment. Pretty soon, goons of the city’s two biggest crime bosses come knocking on Slevin’s door, stating that they have unfinished business. While Slevin tries to explain this case of mistaken identity he finds himself dragged and blackmailed into a murderous scheme between the rivaling mobsters. It looks like Nick had debts towards ‘The Boss’ (Morgan Freeman) as well as ‘The Rabbi’ (Sir Ben Kinglsey) and they now use Slevin in order to eliminate the competition. When you think it couldn’t get any weirder the mysterious Mr. Goodcat (Bruce Willis) shows up at both of the mobsters lairs and appears to have been pulling the strings from the get go. Entangled in this web of sex, lies and murders (no videotape, though) is Slevin who tries to get away with the girl (Lucy Liu) and a broken nose.

Pretty much out of nowhere came this production sporting an incredibly a-list heavy cast as well as an incredibly lame title. Don’t worry though because once you’ve seen the movie, the title begins to make sense but it still remains one of the worst puns we have seen in a while. Apart from that, Lucky Number Slevin is an enjoyable ride that takes us through a cliché-ridden film noir landscape. The movie owns a lot to its excellent cast who deliver the often minimalist dialogues in perfection. Visually, the movie is a feast (and not only if you like the company of men). From a 70’s set piece in the beginning to the hits and kills taking place throughout the movie it looks incredibly old-school (and that is good thing, in case you were wondering). The violence seems to be toned down a bit for rating reasons but Slevin works perfectly well without the gut-churning violence of say Casino. The disappointment comes however with the movie’s conclusion. It thinks it’s smart and that is never a good thing. Oh, and you can see it coming. In a New York minute. (2 out of 4 Kansas City Shovels)

Lucky Number Slevin is rated R. People die.

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One Response to Lucky Number Slevin

  1. Grommel says:

    Spillen jo alt mol interessant Läit mat.

    Mee wann d’Story net gudd ass, helleft daat och net vill. Mol kucken waat iwwert den Film seet …

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