American Dreamz

Everyone’s gotta have them.

American Dreamz The President of the United States of America (Dennis Quaid) has just been re-elected. But instead of diving into his obligations, he feels more like taking a break. He feels like reading the newspaper for once, spending quality time with the First Lady (Marcia Gay Harden) and generally, cutting back on his presidential duties. His chief of staff (Willem Dafoe), however, fears that President Staton is becoming something of a recluse and tries to rekindle his career with a PR gag that is bound to shower the Prez with rave reviews. With the hit TV show American Dreamz launching into its next season, Staton’s chief of staff sees the perfect opportunity for the President to regain his popularity. Scheduled to appear then on the season finale of American Dreamz, the President will co-host with Martin Tweed (Hugh Grant), the greatest guy currently in the showbiz. Unfortunately though, an Islamic extremist has managed to infiltrate the show as one of its candidates. Forced into this suicide mission he does everything to be on the finale of American Dreamz, to shake the President’s hand and to pull that trigger.

Paul Weitz’s first outing, American Pie, released back in 1999 packed quite a punch. Not only was it original and hilarious, but it also wasn’t afraid of going where the hurt is. The problem with American Dreamz is simply that it lacks all of the above mentioned attributes, this partly being the fault of its subject matter. Making fun, or put more accurately, parodying the President of the United States and such talent shows as American Idol and their contestants as well as their hosts, is plainly too bland an undertaking. Bush and American Idol have been in the newspapers as well as the tabloids for years on end and people have been snickering about them for about the same time and it appears that the subject matter has been suck dry by now. The cast (above all Hugh Grant and Willem Dafoe) are doing all they can to keep this dream afloat but ultimately only postpone the inevitable crash with the iceberg. After an appallingly silly Scary Movie 4 (but you didn’t need us to tell you that) and now American Dreamz, it’s already the second comedy this spring that we couldn’t care less for. Not exactly the stuff that dreams are made of. (1 out of 4 MILFs)

American Dreamz is rated PG-13. It has no balls.

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