Snakes on a Plane

What’s your poison?

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the fright.

With a movie title like this, a summary becomes somewhat redundant. Apart from the obvious, the story involves an eye witness (Nathan Phillips) who can testify against one of the FBI’s most wanted and Nelville Flynn (Sam ‘the man’ Jackson) is Snakes on a Plane tasked to escort him on the red eye flight from Hawaii to LA. Once boarded, the deadly cargo is unleashed onto the passengers in an attempt to bring the entire machine down. So, yeah, for most of the time it’s motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane.

Some say this is tremendously stupid, others say it’s genius. In all fairness, it’s probably a little bit of both. Fans from all over the globe created such a hype around this movie that director David R. Ellis (Final Destination 2, Cellular) went back and shot several additional scenes just to satisfy those who helped making this an instant cult classic. The ridiculous story, the cheesy acting as well as trashy special effects make this an homage to the B-movies that infested cineplexes in the 1980s. On top of that, Snakes on a Plane has something a lot of movies nowadays lack, a clear message from the makers. In the case of Snakes this message is made abundantly clear: bring the audience as much fun as you can possibly cram into 90 minutes of film. It goes without saying that this is not everybody’s cup of tea, but for a lot of us, Snakes on a Plane is the unadulterated, R-rated fare that only occasionally comes out of Tinseltown. Plus, it got Sam Jackson who apparently signed on after just reading the title of the script and we really can’t blame him for that. So give it a try and enjoy the in-flight entertainment.

Snakes on a Plane is rated R for joining the mile high club.

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